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  • Welcome PIONEERS

    Dear Patriot Pioneer:


    Welcome to Patriot High School. You, as a Pioneer, have many reasons to be excited. First, the academic world you are entering is documented a School of Excellence in Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) for three years running. For the first time in the history of PWCS, you are attending a gold medal school, as recognized by the “US News and World Report.” Secondly, our extracurricular activities, from clubs to athletics, embody the school’s motto and belief that our students are leaders and role models within the school and throughout the community. Finally, the staff and faculty of Patriot High School are committed to creating an optimal learning environment: one that provides students with multiple opportunities to experience success, creating the vision for our end-product—educated graduates who have the skills to be successful, to be an asset to the community, and ready for the 21st century.

    This agenda should be used as a tool to stay organized and on track during the school year. A separate website has been prepared to introduce you to our school programs, PWCS policies, and activities at Patriot High School. The online format allows you access to this information at any time from any location. You and your parent/guardian should take the time to review the online handbook carefully as it contains valuable information necessary to understanding our daily operations.

    Please work every day to make your high school experience here the best. Set your expectations high and strive for your own success as your teachers and administrator encourage you! I am proud to be a Pioneer and look forward to having a terrific school year.



    Michael E. Bishop, Ed.D.


    Dr. Michael E. Bishop, Principal

    Mrs. Stephanie M. Bretzke, Assistant Principal

    Students N-Se

    Math, Health and PE

    Mrs. DeLores M. Lucas, Assistant Principal

    Students Sh-Z

    English, Special Education, Gifted

    Ms. Carla N. Drew, Assistant Principal

    Student J-M

    Social Studies, Performing Arts, Fine Arts, English Learners

    Mr. David A. Van Gelder, Assistant Principal

    Students A-C

    Science, Business, FACS

    Mr. Chris Brown, Administrative Intern

    Students D-I

    World Languages, CTE, Library

    Mrs. Terri L. Snoots, Director of School Counseling

    Mr. John M. Lavely, Director of School Security

    Mr. Brad J. Qualls, Director of Student Activities


    2019-2020 Sports, Clubs, and Activities

    Clubs and Activities

    There are multiple clubs and activities available to our students at Patriot for the 2019-2020 school year. The clubs and activities are subject to change based on interest level and availability of sponsors

    For a list of current clubs and sponsors, please click HERE to visit the Patriot Clubs & Groups Page


    To inquire about starting a club for the 19-20 school year, please contact the Activities Office for an application.

    Sports Offered at Patriot 2019-2020:

    Fall Sports – Cheerleading (co-ed), Cross Country (boys/girls), Field Hockey, Golf (boys/girls), Football, Volleyball

    Winter Sports – Basketball (boys/girls), Gymnastics, Indoor Track (boys/girls), Swim and Dive (boys/girls), Wrestling

    Spring Sports – Baseball, Lacrosse (boys/girls), Soccer (boys/girls), Softball, Tennis (boys/girls), Track (boys/girls)

    **Students must meet the Prince William County and VHSL standards to participate in athletics at Patriot High School. Students must pass at least five classes with a minimum of 2 Cs and 3 Ds. Repeat classes do not count towards eligibility. Students must also have completed the PWCS concussion seminar each year and must have a VHSL physical form signed by a licensed physician dated after May 1, 2019 to participate in athletics during the 2019-2020 school year. In addition, concussion education will be mandatory for the student and his or her parent to participate in a VHSL sport. Concussion education will be offered online or in person.

    For more information, please reference the athletics’ web page at www.patriotpioneers.org or the activities office at 703.594.3520.

  • honor code

    As a Patriot High School student, I will strive to uphold the characteristics of a successful student. I will demonstrate and respect leadership, show integrity in my decisions, work to make my character reputable, and take pride in my own accomplishments.



    To be a leader is not to have people follow you. It is accountability and responsibility to those who choose to follow you and support the decisions you make. Leadership is an ability to lead skillfully and thoughtfully. To follow someone in their leadership capacity is to respect their decisions and their innate abilities as a leader.


    To be a person of honor, upholding your beliefs when others may doubt you and staying true to your values. Integrity consists of your moral compass.


    To always do what is right, even when no one else is looking.


    To show pride is not to revel in one’s own accomplishments, but to stand with your team, your peers, your school, your family, and your community as you struggle with adversity, cheer with excitement, and help each other.


    The mission of Patriot High School is to create a student-centered, leadership-themed environment that will:

    • Empower students to plan and organize their own priorities in order to meet new challenges effectively.
    • Create a 21st century learning environment that provides students with valuable communication skills, critical thinking skills, and practical applications in order to become a successful member of the community.
    • Continually seek to improve the quality of our work, demonstrate originality and inventiveness, and actively seek feedback from others.
    • Create and provide opportunities for all students to demonstrate multiple levels of skill mastery and competencies in our chosen areas of study.
    • Seek first to understand and appreciate the diverse background of our peers and colleagues within our community of learners and synergize effectively to accomplish common goals.
    • Collaboratively problem-solve when faced with adversity and collectively meet challenges through teamwork, communication, and a win-win mentality.
    • Build strong relationships with our students, staff, and community to enhance our ability to develop new ideas, accept new challenges, and prepare our students for professions of the future, which are unnamed and unknown.

    Patriot High School is a 7 Habits School. These habits will help you handle whatever high school throws at you. For a more in-depth description of each habit, click HERE.

    Be Proactive

    You are responsible for your actions, outcomes, and learning.

    Begin With The End In Mind

    Determine your destination before beginning your journey.

    Put First Things First

    Focus on what's most important.

    Think Win/Win

    Your success doesn't have to come as a result of others' failure.

    Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood

    Do not listen with the intent to respond, listen with the intent to understand.


    Value the input of others, even if you don't agree.

    Sharpen The Saw

    You can always improve and grow.

  • school calendar

    2019-2020 School Year

    August 27 ............................................School Begins

    Aug 30-Sept 2....................................Labor Day

    October 14............................................Teacher Workday

    October 10.............................................Interims

    November 1 .........................................1st Grading Period Ends

    November 4........................................Teacher Workday

    November 5 .......................................Teacher Workday

    November 11.......................................Veterans Day Holiday

    November 27-29..............................Thanksgiving Break

    December 19.......................................Interims

    December 23- January 3............Winter Break

    January 6...............................................School Reopens

    January 20............................................Martin Luther King Holiday

    January 24............................................2nd Grading Period/End of 1st Semester

    January 27............................................Teacher Workday

    February 6............................................Report Cards

    February 17...........................................Presidents’ Day Holiday

    March 6...................................................Interims

    March 27.................................................3rd Grading Period Ends

    March 30................................................Teacher Workday

    April 6-10................................................Spring Break

    April 13.....................................................Teacher Workday

    April 14.....................................................Interims

    May 25......................................................Memorial Day Holiday

    June 12.....................................................4th Grading Period/2nd Semester Ends

    June 12.....................................................Last Day of School

    June 15.....................................................Teacher Workday

    June 22....................................................Report Cards

  • AP Scholars Program

    Specialty Program Coordinator: Katherine Swanson

    The AP Scholars Program is a four-year college preparatory program designed to provide students with an educational foundation of critical thinking and analytical skills as well as the improvement of written, oral, and presentation skills. By participating in Advanced Placement courses offered at Patriot (based on AP curricula outlined by the College Board), students in the AP Scholars program are given unique opportunities to analyze data, synthesize information from multiple sources and points of view, problem solve for real-life situations, work both independently and collaboratively, and communicate effectively in multiple formats. Students may also earn college credit for qualifying scores on AP exams (college credit for AP scores varies by college/university and by subject).

    AP Scholars

    The requirements for AP Scholars are as follows:

    • Students must complete at least two advanced level courses per year.
    • Students must complete at least 6 AP Courses by graduation.
    • Participants must maintain a 70% (C) average in all coursework to remain eligible to stay in this program.
    • Students must complete community service hours prior to graduation- 15 hours per year, 60 hours prior to graduation.
    • Students must complete a final AP Portfolio prior to graduation. Students can fulfill this component by completing the AP Capstone Seminar course and exam.
    • Students must abide by the rules and guidelines of appropriate behavior as outlined in the Prince William County “Code of Behavior” and the Patriot High School Student Agenda.
    • Failure to abide by these guidelines could result in removal from the program.

    Extraordinary Performance

    On a state and national level, AP Scholars are eligible to be recognized by the College Board for extraordinary performance on AP exams:

    • AP Scholar: Granted to students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams.
    • AP Scholar with Honor: Granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams.
    • AP Scholar with Distinction: Granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on 5 or more of these exams.
    • State AP Scholar: Granted to the one male and one female student in each U.S. state and the District of Columbia with scores of 3 or higher on the greatest number of AP Exams, and then the highest average score (at least 3.5) on all AP Exams taken.
    • National AP Scholar: Granted to students in the United States who receive an average score of at least 4 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 4 or higher on eight or more of these exams.

    Content-Specific Recognition

    Students may also earn content-specific recognition. These designations are optional:

    • Benjamin Banneker Scholar: Science concentration with a portfolio that reflects a theme/concept of that nature.
    • Emily Dickinson Scholar: Language Arts concentration with a portfolio that reflects a theme/concept of that nature.
    • Albert Einstein Scholar: Math concentration with a portfolio that reflects a theme/concept of that nature.
    • Ronald Reagan Scholar: Social Studies concentration with a portfolio that reflects a theme/concept of that nature.

    Patriot High School is committed to ensuring a safe, orderly learning environment for all stakeholders. The following behavior, expectations, and consequences are to assist in a positive atmosphere for all students as stated in the Prince William County Public Schools’ “Code of Behavior.” Patriot High School’s student expectations are applicable not only while involved with school activities or within the learning environment, but also within the community. Certain circumstances, even outside the school activities or environment, will result in the student being held accountable for his or her actions.

    No student shall violate, while on school property, while at any school activity, or while under the supervision of school authority (including going to and coming from school), any laws or rules and regulations of the School Board and the school. The following list of conduct violations is not meant to be all-inclusive. Formal definitions and explanations may be found in the Prince William County Public Schools’ “Code of Behavior,” which can be accessed at pwcs.edu.


    Code of Behavior

    The school must seek to protect the rights of all young persons to an education and provide safeguards for the health, safety, and rights of the individual student. In establishing an orderly school environment, the school has the right to expect reasonable and self-disciplined behavior from each student. Students will assume the responsibility for learning and will exhibit conduct that does not infringe upon the rights of another. The Prince William School Board holds all students responsible for appropriate conduct as defined in the Prince William County Public Schools “Code of Behavior.”

    All students are oriented to the “Code of Behavior” and are able to access the document via the internet on www.pwcs.edu. Parents should read the “Code of Behavior” to view the complete description/explanation of infractions and student conduct. A limited number of paper copies are received by each school.

    Possible Consequences of Inappropriate Behavior

    Student Removal from Class (Temporary or Permanent)

    A staff member with documented attempts of correction may request administration remove a student who is repeatedly disruptive from that particular class. The process for removal from class is on a case-by-case basis. Resolution will be determined in a collaborative manner by staff and administration.


    Morning Detention

    Morning detention will be held on Wednesdays from 6:45 until 7:24 a.m. and is a consequence for repeated tardiness to school. In some cases, the day of the week may change due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. weather related delays/cancellations).


    After School Detention

    Detention will be held on Wednesdays from 2:15 until 4:15 p.m. Students must arrange for transportation home from detention. In some cases, the day of the week may change due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. weather related delays/cancellations).


    Saturday School Detention

    Detention will be held on Saturdays from 8 to 11 a.m. throughout the school year.

    Social Probation

    Students who violate school policies may be placed on social probation. Social probation prohibits students from attending/participating in after school and/or extracurricular activities without prior approval from his or her administrator. This probation is assigned by the administrator on a case-by-case basis for varying lengths of time.


    Out-of-School Suspension

    A student who violates school rules and/or procedures may receive out-of-school suspension. The student may not be on any Prince William County School property, including after school activities, during the suspension period.


    Long-Term Suspension

    This is an out-of-school suspension, which must be assigned by a Prince William County Schools Hearing Officer after a long-term suspension hearing has been held.


    A student may be permanently denied the right to attend Prince William County Public Schools. This discipline is the result of School Board action.


    Students are required to attend school unless excused by a parent or guardian for the reasons listed below. Parents must submit an excuse to attendance within 5 days. This can be done by either dropping off a handwritten note or sending one electronically to the following email: PatriotAttendance@patrioths.com


    Any student who misses 10 or more days of school, excused or unexcused, may be required to provide further documentation (e.g. doctor’s note, court subpoena). A student who misses 10 or more class periods for a particular class is subject to possible failure for the year if little to no make-up work is completed, seat time requirements are not fulfilled, and those students may be referred to the attendance officer.

    Reasons for absence from school—all day, tardy, or early dismissal—excused:

    • Personal illness of the student
    • Medical and dental appointments for the student
    • Death of an immediate family member
    • Observation of a religious holiday
    • Emergency conditions at the student’s home requiring the student’s assistance
    • Student participation in school sponsored activities occurring during school hours
    • Senior visiting a college with prior approval by the principal or designee
    • Court appearance
    • Approved pre-arranged absence
    • Reasons of extenuating circumstances to be judged by the principal/designee for all requests for pre-approved absences. Family trips will not be excused unless accompanied by extraordinary circumstances. Impact of the absence on the students’ academic progress will be considered in determining whether a pre-arranged absence is approved.


    Reasons for absence from school—all day, tardy, or early dismissal—not excused:

    • Truancy from school
    • Class truancy
    • Missing the bus or ride to school
    • Traffic delay for student drivers
    • Absences for family vacations or events
    • Failure to produce an appropriate explanation for absence in a timely manner



    Tardy to School

    Students who are not seated and ready for class by 7:20 am or arrive late to school will scan his or her student ID at door #1 and then report to the attendance office before going to class. A valid note including the reason for the tardy, date, student’s name, telephone number, and preferably the student’s estimated time of arrival will be required for an excused tardy. If no note is turned in, the tardy is unexcused. In all cases, it is not acceptable in any circumstances for a student to sign their parent’s signature to a note.

    Tardy to school consequences per quarter:

    1-3 unexcused tardies: warning

    4-5 unexcused tardies: morning detention and possible loss of parking pass

    6-8 unexcused tardies: Saturday school, loss of parking pass for up to 30 days

    9+ unexcused tardies: Saturday school, loss of parking pass for 1 semester

    15+ unexcused tardies: loss of parking pass for full school year


    Tardy to Class

    Students who are not seated and ready for class when the bell rings will be marked tardy in SMS by that classroom teacher. Consequences for class tardies will be cumulative per class per quarter.

    Class tardiness consequences per class per quarter:

    1-3 unexcused tardies: warning

    4-5 unexcused tardies: after school detention

    6+ unexcused tardies: Saturday School


    Patriot High School is committed to creating an environment in which students are free from bullying. Students are strongly encouraged to report incidents of any bullying to include in person, over the internet, using social media, or using cell phones, to the school administration. Cyber bullying includes transmission, receipt, or display of electronic messages and/or images that threatens a student or contains deliberately hostile hurtful messages. This includes posting sensitive and private information about another person or pretending to be someone on social media intending to make that person look bad. Cyber bullying which occurs off school grounds may result in disciplinary action if it causes or likely to cause a disruption to the operation of the school, threatens the safety or mental/physical well-being of students or staff, or threatens the safety of the school or surrounding property. You may also use the form in the “Code of Behavior” to report incidents of bullying. Violators are subject to corrective action up to and including suspension and expulsion. Any attempt of retaliation will be addressed by corrective action, up to and including expulsion.

    Care of School Property

    A student is requested to take appropriate care of and not damage or deface school property or personal belongings of others, such as, but not limited to lockers, books, furniture, tools, computers and other electronics, cabinets, etc. A student who loses or damages school property or equipment will be required to pay, correct, or replace lost or damaged items. Verified acts of vandalism could result in school and/or court action, as well as a request for restitution.


    Students are responsible for neither giving nor receiving assistance, written, oral, electronically or otherwise, in any assignment to be graded as the work of a single individual. Students are responsible for giving due recognition of sources from which material is quoted, summarize, or paraphrased. This includes persons who have provided assistance.

    Examples of behavior that constitute cheating include but are not limited to: copying another student’s work, allowing another student to copy work, communicated about a test during or after test administration, accessing material which would assist in completing the assessment, plagiarizing, using an electronic device during an exam, taking pictures of assessments, air-dropping information via electronic device, or plagiarizing. Students caught cheating will receive a disciplinary referral to their administrator and may receive a zero on the assignment.


    First offense: Parent notification, academic consequence, assigned detention


    Additional offenses: Parent notification, academic restoration opportunity, discipline up to Principal’s Informal Conference

    Class Expectations

    Students must bring appropriate materials to class and take an active role in learning. Students may not sleep, lay down their heads in class, disrupt the learning environment for themselves or other students. This includes the use of electronic devices during class time when not instructed to do so by the teacher.


    A school nurse is available for students to check in medication, to contact parent if student is ill, and to help with student minor health issues. No student should remain in the clinic longer than 15 minutes or they will be considered absent from class.


    The student must get a pass from the teacher and report to the clinic. Parents will be contacted if the student needs to go home. A student who leaves school without permission is subject to disciplinary action.


    Students may not keep prescription or nonprescription medication on their person or in their locker. Medication will be kept in the clinic and dispensed by authorized school personnel. No medication may be administered without a parent’s and/or authorized physician’s signature on file on the medication form. Any medication must be in the original container, unopened, if applicable, and not past the expiration date. Should the student need to carry the medication (e.g. prescription inhalers, epinephrine) with him or her, the school nurse should be contacted immediately.

    Computer Ethics and Standards of Conduct

    Students must adhere to standards defined by Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) Policy 295, Standards for Use of Telecommunications and Internet Technologies, Regulation 295-1, Computer Systems and Network Services- PWCS Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy, and Regulation 295-2, Web Site Development and Implementation. Further information is defined in the “Code of Behavior” and by Patriot HS administration. This information may be found at pwcs.edu.

    Deliveries and Outside Food Sources

    Any delivery to a student including but not limited to lunch from an outside source, balloons, and/or flowers, will have a message sent to the student when it will not conflict with instructional time, even when brought in by a parent/guardian. Any student who brings in an outside source of beverages and/or food, while arriving tardy- whether excused or unexcused- will be asked to either consume the outside food/beverage source before going to class or retrieve the item(s) when the student goes to lunch. Patriot High School and Prince William County Public Schools strive to provide a healthy, instruction-oriented school setting. Parents and others are encouraged to support the school and the school system in this endeavor. Students should only bring water in a clear water bottle to class.

    Displays of Affection

    Inappropriate display of affection will be handled at the discretion of an administrator.

    Disrespect/Open Defiance

    No student shall show disrespect towards a staff member or another student. Disrespect included abusive language towards staff members and students. Any student who disobeys a reasonable request, including refusing to gives a staff member an electronic device when that electronic device was being used during the school day, or refusing to give a staff member one's name, or any student who openly defies a school staff member shall be subject to out-of-school suspension with possible recommendation for expulsion.

    Disruption of the school environment

    No student shall behave in such a way that he or she disrupts the environment of the school. Conduct occurring off school grounds which causes disruption to the school, the educational process, or the rights of students or staff may also result in corrective action at school.

    Dress and Appearance

    Clothing that exposes private areas or an excessive amount of bare skin is prohibited.

    Examples of prohibited clothing include, but are not limited to: visible undergarments, sheer garments, non-medical or non-religious head-coverings, sleepwear, beachwear, gang related clothing, clothing depicting inappropriate imagery.

    Students found to not be dressed appropriately may call home for a replacement garment to be brought in or they may borrow appropriate clothing from the main office. Repeated violations of appropriate dress will lead to further disciplinary action.

    Electronic Devices

    • Students may not use cellular phones, iPods, and other electronic devices during the regular school day (7:24-2:10) These items must be turned off and out of sight.
    • Students may not have earbuds in, on, or around their ears during the school day, including in the hallways.
    • Electronic devices should not be used during class unless teacher has approved use for instructional purposes.
    • Students must abide by the policies and regulations set forth in PWCS Regulation 295-1, Computer Systems and Network Services—PWCS Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy.

    With every electronic device violation, the following consequences will occur with additional consequences based on the nature of the event:

    First offense: confiscation, phone may be picked up by the student at end of school day

    Second offense: confiscation, phone picked up by parent

    Third offense: confiscation, 2-hour after school detention, picked up by parent

    Additional offenses: 3 hour Saturday school up to out-of-school suspension

    During the school day, parents are expected to contact their children through the school office telephone in order to limit disruptions to classroom and instruction, and to allow for the appropriate supervision of student while on phone and further promote effective communication between the school and the parent.


    Any student needing to use the elevator should bring a signed physician's note stating the student's name and the length of time the elevator will be needed to the clinic.

    Emergency Evacuations

    During emergency evacuations, students must report to and remain with their teacher. Evacuation routes and instructions are posted.


    Students who are unavailable to take a final exam when regularly scheduled must have the administrator’s approval before the testing. Taking the final exam will be at the administrator’s discretion. If students are in testing of any kind, and report to school after 20 minutes of the testing start time, the student will check-in and report to a designated area.

    SOL Testing

    Virginia SOL tests are administered during the month of May and the bell schedule may be adjusted during this time. Students are expected to attend school all day, every day and early dismissals will be limited. It is imperative that students arrive to school on time each day and remain through the end of the day.


    Physical abuse involving more than one person is considered fighting. Students are responsible for settling confrontations in a peaceful manner and without the use of violence. When students feel that they are unable to settle disagreements in a peaceful manner, they should seek assistance from school personnel, such as a teacher, counselor, principal, security personnel, or the SRO. Students are subject to corrective actions for behavior which they may not consider to be serious or threatening (horseplay, wrestling, etc.) when the behavior could lead to injury, discomfort, or disruption. Students who by their presence and/or actions, encourage disruption, fights are subject to corrective action. This includes but is not limited to students who refuse to move or to follow other directions of school staff during disruptions or fights. This also includes encouraging or filming a fight.

    Flex Expectations

    Flex block is used for additional opportunities for instruction, remediation, or differentiation in a student’s class. The block counts as instructional time for each class and rotates to give teachers an additional 40 minutes of class time on a rotating basis. Before traveling to another class, the student should report to his/her assigned class first, have a pre-arranged pass, and sign-out before going to another class during Flex.

    Food and Drink

    Food and drink should be consumed in the cafeteria. Students who are late to school or class because they are securing food from outside sources and/or vending machines may be asked to dispose of food items and/or be subject to additional disciplinary consequences. When food from outside source is brought in by a parent, a pass will only be sent during the student’s lunchtime. Students should only bring water in a clear water bottle to class.


    Any falsifying of information (e.g. documents, signatures) will result in disciplinary consequences.


    Words, gestures, symbols, or physical contact that offends, intimidates, threatens, or persecutes others will not be tolerated and should be reported to school officials. This includes such behavior as non-physical intimidation, posturing, electronic harassment, or stare-downs. Harassment of students or staff for any reason is prohibited. Among other types of harassment, this includes sexual harassment as stated in Regulation 733-3. Consequences for harassment range from detention to out of school suspension.

    Hall Passes

    Any student in the hallways during instructional time should have a pass; no exceptions. Hall passes (student agenda) will only have one student’s name, destination, time and date listed with a staff member’s legible signature. Students will be in areas only as designated on their pass. Loitering in restrooms and using the phone during class time is not permitted. Hall passes and/or aide badges should be visible for confirmation. Students who do not have a pass will be escorted to class to obtain one. Forgeries, abuse of privileges, or unauthorized use will result in disciplinary consequences.

    Student Work Accountability

    Assignments and assessments will vary in quality and quantity by subject areas. Formative (for learning) and summative (of learning) assessments will be utilized to evaluate ongoing and cumulative learning.


    Make-up Work

    Make up work includes any assessments given during the absence. If a student has an unexcused absence, the late work policy for each class will be used as guidance for make-up work. A student who has an excused absence will be responsible for contacting the teachers within two business days of their return to school for missed assignments. Respective arrangements between student and teacher will be determined upon this contact. Student are still expected to meet deadlines for long-term assignments. These assignments and deadlines are communicated well in advance of a due date and should not be affected by student absence. A student or parent should contact the respective teacher if there are concerns with meeting deadlines for long-term assignments due to absence. For students who have been or will be out for three or more consecutive days, the parent can request assignments through guidance, which will be provided within forty-eight hours and picked up in the counseling department. It is expected that students will utilize online resources when absent or when school is out of session for inclement weather.


    Late Work

    Late work will be assessed according to the teacher’s late-work policy, which will be clearly outlined in the syllabus and posted on the class website. Late work policies could include a loss of retake opportunities.



    At Patriot High School, it does not matter when a student masters the material in a specific course. What is important is for them to demonstrate mastery of the standards for the course.

    1. For all students, there must be a clearly spelled out procedure at the beginning of the course and documented in each syllabus which explains the process for securing an assessment retake.  It should also be posted to the teacher’s school based webpage.
    2. Due to certain curricular restrictions in some courses (the ability to replicate a primary source document, for example) some courses may not offer a retake, but will provide other opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery of standards. 
    3. Retakes are a privilege, not a right at Patriot High School.
    4. Students should allow 24 hours to elapse between the return of the assessment and the request to the teacher for a retake.
    5. In some courses, retake procedures can vary or be limited by grade level with 9th graders being provided more frequent opportunities. 
    6. Teachers may not accept retake work or provide a student with a retake during the last week of the grading period.
    7. Teachers must provide an assessment analysis activity prior to a retake based on the nature of the curriculum or course.
    8. The retake assessment will not necessarily be the same format, version, or length as the original assessment.
      1. If the teacher notices a repeat pattern of retakes or behavior which suggests and abuse of the retake process, a notification will be made to the parent, and the ability to participate in a retake may be suspended.
      2. In certain situations, a parent teacher conference will be required.
      3. A teacher has the right to refuse a request for a retake. 
    9. The grade earned on the retake assessment will not be averaged with the first assessment grade.  The best score will be recorded in the teacher’s gradebook.
    10. Further questions about specific retake procedures and this process should be referred to the student’s alpha administrator.


    Lockers will be assigned to students upon request and the receipt of the student’s emergency card. The emergency card will be completed and signed by both the student, who signs on the back and the parent, who signs on the front and the back. Lockers are the property of Prince William County Public Schools and may be opened at any time. Students should refrain from leaving perishable items in the locker. Personal locks are not permitted on school lockers. The School Division is not responsible for items stored in the lockers and students should use good judgment in bringing valuables to school. Should a problem occur with your locker, please contact security or administration.


    Students may not loiter on school grounds. Students should be under the direct supervision of a sponsor, coach, or staff member while on campus. This is in effect on school days as well as weekends. Students that remain at school after hours who are not under the direct supervision of a sponsor, coach, or staff member may be issued a trespass notice and subject to school disciplinary procedures.

    Parental Contact During School Hours

    Parents should not contact students during instructional time. Instead, parents should call the receptionist (703.594.3020) and ask that a message be sent to their child. Students are able to contact parents/guardians from an office (main or annex) phone(s). Students should report to their appropriate administrator’s office to ask to call their parent/guardian if they are requesting an early dismissal.

    Refusal to Give or Giving an Incorrect Name

    Students are expected to identify themselves to any staff member requesting that information. The penalty for not doing so is one (1) day of OSS.

    Search and Seizure

    Students will be held responsible for items that they have at school and at school related activities. Student desks and lockers are the property of the school, and school officials reserve the right to search them. Lockers or desks may be searched to repossess school property or to locate contraband, which is not permitted at school. The Prince William County School System reserves the right to use trained dogs in searches. Students and their belongings, including personal electronic devices, may be searched under certain circumstances as described in Regulation 737-1. The student’s individual right to privacy and freedom from unreasonable search and seizure is balanced by the school’s responsibility to protect the health, safety, and welfare of all persons within the school community.

    Should illegal materials be found during a search, law enforcement officials will be notified. If a student refuses to be searched, parents and/or authorities will be contacted and the student will be subject to disciplinary action.


    All Prince William County Schools are smoke free environments. An electronic cigarette or vaporizer is a handheld electronic device that works by heating a liquid controlled substance such as nicotine, generating a vapor that is then inhaled. Smoking or vaping is not permitted in any building in Prince William County Public Schools at any time. Students, regardless of age, are not permitted to smoke, vape, or be in possession of tobacco and/or nicotine products, matches, or lights on school buses, in school buildings, or on school property.

    The consequences for smoking or vaping will be:

    First offense: 2 days of OSS and possible referral to Focus on Tobacco

    2nd offense: 3 days OSS

    3rd offense: 3 days of OSS and Principal’s Informal Conference for repeated offenses

    Substance Abuse Violations

    No student will have or use alcohol, drugs, or anything that resembles alcohol or drugs. A substance offense includes being under the influence of, possessing, distributing, or attempting or intending to distribute a prohibited substance. Prohibited substances include:

    • alcohol, non-alcoholic brews, alcoholic products, or alcohol containers;
    • prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs and inhalant intoxicants, anabolic steroid, illegal narcotics, or look-a-likes/placebos; and
    • drug paraphernalia or look-alikes.

    Substance abuse offenses will routinely receive a five-day out-of-school suspension. More than one substance abuse offense will result in automatic recommendation of expulsion. Principals or their designated representative may offer first time substance abuse offenders and their parents the opportunity to voluntarily participate in the New Horizon counseling. Out-of-school suspension days will result in an immediate suspension for thirty (30) calendar days from participation in all school activities (teams, clubs, and all other school-sponsored activities).

    Distribution will result in a recommendation for expulsion.

    Any student who, on school property, at a school function, or while going to and from school, distributes by sale, attempted or intended sale, gift or otherwise attempts or intends to purchase/receive drugs (illegal, prescriptions, and/or over-the-counter), alcohol, non-alcohol, steroids, look-a-likes (placebos), or paraphernalia will be recommended by the principal for expulsion.

    Substance abuse violations may be punishable under law and shall be reported to the police for appropriate legal action.

    Under Virginia law, “School boards shall expel from school attendance any student determined to have brought a controlled substance, imitation controlled substance, or marijuana onto school property or to a school-sponsored activity. A school board may, however, determine, based on the facts of the particular case that special circumstances exist and another disciplinary action is appropriate.” Controlled substances are those drugs or other chemical substances, which are illegal for a person to possess. An imitation controlled substance is any material which resembles an illegal drug or chemical substance (including marijuana), and is represented as such. Students are subject to expulsion for possession of such substances at school, on school buses, at bus stops, and at school related activities.


    Teachers issue the necessary textbooks and other books, if applicable, to the student. Students are responsible for the proper care and return of issued materials. Fees will be charged for lost or damaged materials. Outstanding monies owed can impede a student’s graduation participation.


    Theft is forbidden and illegal. It also violates the rights of others, and destroys the learning environment. Any incident of theft will result in 2-5 days of out-of-school suspension, restitution, and a referral to PWC police/Security Resource Officer (SRO).

    Tip Line

    Students share the responsibility for an orderly and safe school environment. Information about drugs, weapons, or other factors that may be harmful to the school environment should be reported. Here are some suggestions for reporting such information: contact the school principal or other administrator, dial the PWCPS TIPLINE at 703.791.2921, or contact the police in cases of emergency.


    Students may be in approved areas of the school building and grounds during normal school hours or after hours with the approval of a school staff member. Students who have been suspended or expelled are not permitted on any school property (including school buses) or at any school related activities without the permission of the school principal. Students are considered to be trespassing if they are at a school other than the school in which they are enrolled unless they are attending an approved school activity or have the approval of a school staff member. All visitors must report directly to the office.


    If tutoring is needed in subjects, please check with the teacher about after school assistance. Should an outside tutor be needed, see the school counseling department. Beyond using the teacher as a resource, a National Honor Society student or another qualified tutor may be available for tutoring.

    Unauthorized Areas

    Students must have a written pass from their teacher to be out of the classroom while classes are in session. Students will be in areas only as designated on their pass. Loitering in restrooms is not permitted. The pass must include the name of the student, the teacher issuing the pass, and the date and destination. The consequence for being out of bounds may range from detention to OSS, based on an accumulation of this infraction.

    As soon as students arrive to school, they must come inside and remain in authorized areas. Parking lots, outside areas, and vehicles are off limits during the school day. At lunch, students must remain in Commons 1 and 2, and as appropriate, the courtyards. Hallways, lockers, parking lots, other outside areas, and vehicles are off limits at lunch. The same rules for authorized areas apply to early morning students. Students are not permitted to go to their vehicles or leave school grounds after arriving unless a parent and/or administrator gives permission to leave.


    The members of the counseling staff at Patriot High School provide services designed to address three major elements in student development: education, personal and social skills, and career research. These services provide assistance with the following: educational planning, interpretation of test scores, information regarding occupations and careers, personal counseling, financial aid information, college applications, and any other questions or concerns a student may present.

    Counseling Office Phone: 703.594.3628 Counseling Office Fax: 703.594.2023


    School Counseling Staff

    Terri Snoots -- Director; snootsty@pwcs.edu

    Amy Kerns -- Counselor (A - B); kernsam@pwcs.edu

    Courtney Portell -- Counselor (C - Ei); portelca@pwcs.edu

    Vicky Campbell -- Counselor (El- Hi); campbevc@pwcs.edu

    Eileen Lutkenhouse -- Counselor (Ho - Li); lutkenem@pwcs.edu

    Laura Feeley Valentino -- Counselor (Lo - Nh); feeleylb@pwcs.edu

    TBD -- Counselor (Ni - Rod);

    Joe Banks -- Counselor (Rof - Ta); banksjh@pwcs.edu

    Susan Sigmon -- Counselor (Te - Z); sigmonsr@pwcs.edu

    Geulia Boddie -- C/C Counselor; boddiegd@pwcs.edu


    Nivia Wukovich -- Registrar; wukovina@pwcs.edu

    Ginger Baltimore -- Secretary; baltimga@pwcs.edu

    Diane Bicknell -- Secretary; bicknedp@pwcs.edu


    Counselor Appointments

    Students should only come to the counseling department with an appointment pass or a pass from a teacher or an administrator. Students may sign up before/after school, during lunch, or they can request an appointment through the school counseling web page. In cases of an emergency, a student may come to the school counseling office at any time.


    Honor Roll Criteria

    Prince William County grades are averaged at the end of each semester. In order to be eligible for the honor roll, a student must have earned a grade equivalent in each class, to a 3.0. In order to be eligible for the Principal’s Honor Roll, a student must earn a grade equivalent, in each class, to a 4.0.


    Patriot High School Honor Letter

    A student must be scheduled for six blocks the entire year and their average GPA for the year must be equivalent to 3.5 or above and earn a 3.0 or better in each class. Year-end grades will be used.


    National Honor Society Eligibility and Membership

    To be eligible for consideration for membership, a student must be a junior or senior with a cumulative GPA of 3.6 (non-rounded) or above. A list of the eligible students will be posted at the beginning of the first and second semester. Candidates interested in membership must pick up an information packet to be completed and returned to one of the sponsors. Teacher input based on personal knowledge of the student and on information from the student-submitted packet will also be considered in the selection process. Final selections will be made by the Faculty Advisory Council and submitted by the principal.


    Grade Placement

    The requirements for membership in grades 9-12 are:

    9th grade Successful completion of 8th grade

    10th grade 5 units of credit

    11th grade 11 units of credit

    12th grade 16 units of credit


    Class Drop

    As governed by Regulation 661.04-5, Reporting/Grading Procedures, any full year class dropped after the first grading period is recorded on the student’s record as withdrawn/passing (WP) or withdrawn/failing (WF). The student will not receive credit for the class. Any full year class dropped after the first semester will be recorded as a failure (F) for the year.

    Any semester class dropped before the first grading period ends will be recorded on the student’s report card as withdrawn/passing (WP) or withdrawn/failing (WF). The student will not receive credit for this class. Any semester class dropped after the first grading period will be recorded as a failure (F) for the semester.


    Testing Dates

    SAT Test Dates:

    2018: August 25, October 6, November 3, December 1

    2019: March 9, May 4, June 1

    Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) Test Dates:

    October 10, 2018

    ACT Test Dates:

    2018: September 8, October 27, December 8

    2019: February 9, April 13, June 8, July 13

    Additional Test Dates:

    Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Test (ASVAB Test) – Fall 2018

    Standard of Learning Assessments (SOL) – March/May 2019

    Advanced Placement (AP) Testing – May 2019


    Substance Abuse Information

    Prince William County Schools supports a “no use” policy related to tobacco, alcohol and other drugs except prescribed medications. Recognizing that the use of these drugs is widespread, Patriot High School provides services to students to encourage and support a drug free lifestyle. If you think you or a friend has a problem, help is available from your School Counseling department.


    Community Resources

    24-Hour Crisis Services


    Police - Prince William County 911

    Police – Non-Emergency 703.792.6500

    Fire and Rescue 911

    Prince William Hospital 703.369.8000

    Potomac Hospital 703.670.1383

    Community Services Board (Emergency Services) 703.792.7800

    SAVAS (Sexual Assault Victims Advocacy Service) 703.368.4141

    This Way House (Runaway Shelter) 703.548-8845

    SERVE (Emergency Shelter) 703.368.2979


    Help Line 703.368.4141

    Tele-Teen Hotline (3 to 7 p.m.) 703.368.8069

    Runaway Hotline 800.621.4000

    Child Abuse and Neglect 800.552.7096

    Birthright (Emergency Pregnancy Support) 800.848.5683

    Pregnancy Lifeline 800.BETHANY

    AIDS Information 800.533.4148

    Poison Control 202.625.3333

    Community Services

    PWC Health Department

    Manassas Office 703.792.6300

    Sudley North 703.792.4700

    Woodbridge 703.792.7300

    PWC Community Services Board

    Prevention 703.792.7730

    New Horizons 703.792.7800

    Mental Health 703.792.7800

    Department of Social Services 703.792.7500

    PWC Office on Youth 703.792.6095

    Child Protective Services 703.792.4200

    PWC Schools Tip Line 703.791.2821

  • Grading Policy

    A numerical grading system from 0-100 on a 10 point grading scale is used for the averaging of grades within a nine-week marking period. A student must complete 60% of the work within a grading period in order to receive credit for the grading period.

    Standard Course Grading Scale

    AP Weighted Course Grading Scale

  • Graduation Requirements

    See info below regarding Standard and Advanced Diploma requirements

    Standard Diploma

    Students entering 9th grade in 2013-14 to 2015-16: Students graduating from a Prince William County high school must earn a minimum of 22 standard units of credit in order to receive a standard diploma. In addition, students must successfully complete two sequential electives and Career and technical Education Credential, and a virtual course, which is imbedded in the Economics and Personal Finance course.

    Students entering in 2016-17 will need the CPR and First aid/AED training as an additional graduation requirement.

    Advanced Studies Diploma

    Students may elect to receive an Advanced Studies Diploma, which requires a minimum of 26 standard units of credit for students entering 9th grade in 2013-14 and beyond. In addition, students must successfully complete a virtual course, which is imbedded in the Economics and Personal Finance course. Students entering in 2016-17 will need the CPR and First aid/AED training as an additional graduation requirement.

    Additional Diploma Information

    Locally Awarded Verified Units for Credit

    For students entering 9th grade prior to 2018-19 academic year

    Students who pass a course but fail the corresponding SOL test will have the option of earning up to 3 Locally Awarded Verified Unit of credits if they meet the following criteria:

    • The student must have attempted and failed the SOL test on two occasions.
    • On one of the attempts, he or she must fail the test within the 375-399 score range.
    • This applies only to the Standard Diploma.

    For students entering 9th grade in 2018-19 academic year or thereafter

    Students who pass a course but fail the corresponding SOL test will have the option of earning up to 1 Locally Awarded Verified Unit of credits if they meet the following criteria:

    •  The student must have attempted and failed the SOL test on two occasions.
    • On one of the attempts, he or she must fail the test within the 375-399 score range.

    Students who meet the aforementioned criteria will receive an automatic appeal to the school based locally awarded verified units of credit committee. This committee will look at pre-determined criteria to decide if the student can have awarded a verified unit of credit.


    Verified Units of Credit

    The student earns a verified unit of credit when he or she takes and passes the course and the SOL End-of-Course test. In the following subjects, End-of-Course tests are given:

    • English 11, AP Lang and Lit                             ●   World Geography
    • World History I, Pre-AP World History I          ●  US/VA History, AP  US  History
    • World History II Pre-AP World History II         ●  Algebra I, Pt II
    • Algebra I, Pre-AP Algebra I                                ●  Chemistry, Pre-AP Chemistry
    • Geometry, Pre-AP Geometry I                          ●   Algebra II, Pre-AP Algebra II/Trig
    • Earth Science, ADV Earth Science                  ●   AP Environmental Systems
    • Biology, Pre-AP Biology

    For students who transfer into Prince William County from another state after the beginning of their 9th grade year, please see a counselor for information about verified unit of credit requirements.

    Applied Studies Diploma: This diploma is available only to students as dictated in their Individualized Educational Plan (IEP).

    Standard with Accommodations: This diploma is available only to students as dictated in their Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) or 504 plan.

  • safety and security



    According to the Code of Virginia, students less than a mile from the school do not need transportation to school. It further defines school boards are permitted to provide transportation, but it is not required for any pupil. Thus daily bus service is provided, but as a privilege, not as a right. Riding the bus is a privilege that may be revoked by administration if the student does not obey the rules of conduct and/or instructions of the bus driver. Students will need a pass to ride another bus. This authorization, presented in the morning before the beginning of school, should be a signed parent note presented to the attendance office. The parent should sign the note and include the bus number to be ridden, the accompanying student’s name, and a contact number for the note to be verified. The parent/guardian will be called and the note verified before it will be issued to the student. The student will pick up the bus pass at the attendance office at the end of the day.

    Commons 1 and 2

    Patriot High School has two common areas for students to eat and/or purchase their lunch. In a single line formation, with no cutting in line, students will need to proceed quickly through the line(s), and they should be prepared to order and pay by scanning their student ID’s bar code. Students should be respectful of others, keep noise to a minimum, and place trash and/or return trays in the proper place. The cafés and tables should be clean, with chairs pushed in, when the student leaves. Students must remain in the café until the end of lunch. Students may eat in the courtyard when weather permits.

    Lost & Found

    Items that are left unattended will be brought to the Security office and placed in lost and found. Attempts will be made by school personnel to contact the owner of the property, if possible, in a timely manner. After reasonable amount of time, clothing items that remain in lost and found will be donated to local thrift store.

    Parking Passes

    Parking decals will be sold to a student after he or she completes the online parking quiz and application. Information can be found on Security’s department web page, or ask Security for a copy of the Rules and Regulations. Decals will be $100 for the 2017-18 school year. Parking pass applications will be filled out online, then printed and signed by your parent/guardian. Anyone without a parking pass after September 22, 2017, is subject to discipline and/or towing. The parking pass can be revoked for a specific length of time or permanently, with no refund of the cost. Some but not all of the reasons to have the pass revoked are reckless driving, leaving the property without permission, excessive tardies, misrepresentation of the pass, etc. Lost decals should be reported to Security; a $5 replacement fee will be charged. Any changes to information should be reported to security.

    Safety Drills

    Staff and students at Patriot High School will be required to participate in safety drills throughout the school year. These drills will include fire drills as directed by the Fire Code and the Office of Risk Management. Bus Evacuation Drills will be conducted once per semester. A tornado drill will be conducted within the first 30 days of school, and later in March, under the Governor’s Statewide Drill. Other drills, including Shelter-in-Place, Lockdown, and Secure the Building, will be conducted at the principal and the Office of Risk Management’s discretion.

    Students are expected to take all drills seriously and to follow teachers and staff’s directions without hesitation. Fire escape routes are posted in each classroom near the exit as well as definitions of Shelter-in-Place, Lockdown, and Secure the Building. Students should be familiar with the exit routes- primary and secondary, and definitions listed. Students will be required to limit the use of electronic devices.

    To pull a fire alarm in the absence of an emergency will result in a recommendation for expulsion and a referral to the Fire Marshall.

    School Events

    The “Code of Behavior” applies to any student involved or attending any school activity, whether on or off school grounds. No person will be readmitted to any event once he or she leaves the building or event. See a supervising administrator or security if exceptional circumstances arise.

    Search and Seizure

    Students are held responsible for items that they have at school and at school related activities. Student desks and lockers are the property of the school, and school officials reserve the right to search them. Lockers or desks may be searched to repossess school property or to locate contraband, which is not permitted at school. The Prince William County School System reserves the right to use trained dogs in searches. Students and their belongings to include electronic devices may be searched under certain circumstances as described in Regulation 737-1. Information can also be found on the parking permit application about vehicle searches. The student’s individual right to privacy and freedom from unreasonable search and seizure is balanced by the school’s responsibility to protect the health, safety and welfare of all persons within the school community.

    Should illegal materials be found during a search, law enforcement officials will be notified. If a student refuses to be searched, parents and/or authorities will be contacted and the student will be subject to disciplinary action.

    Staying After School

    Students are encouraged to stay after school for supervised after school activities. If not involved in an after school activity or with a teacher, students are not permitted to stay after school. If a student is waiting for his or her ride, the student should be picked up at door one. Student athletes will be picked-up at door 20, which is closest to the gymnasium and locker area.

    Student Valuables

    A student should not bring expensive items or large sums of money to school. Items of value, such as purses, should not be left in lockers. The school will not accept responsibility for these items. Thefts should be promptly reported to School security. While in participating in physical education, students should secure all belongings in locked lockers.


    All visitors must sign in at the main entrance. Visitors are required to present appropriate picture identification, such as a driver’s license, when signing in. When leaving, the visitor will sign out and the identification will be returned. While parents are encouraged to participate in their student’s education, an appointment is mandatory to visit a teacher or classroom. This also applies to others, as the instructional time will not be interrupted.


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